La Voz

One day, a few moons back, I recorded a song in a studio and learned pretty quick that singing wasn’t just sounding "good". It's a skill that needs time and dedication to be able to accomplish. I practiced, I research, I learned and well, here we are.

Back in the day, music for me was based on local folklore. Armed with a spiked guitar and some cumbias, I was able to play and learn music. It wasn’t until I was gifted a cassette with Nirvana on side A and Marilyn Manson on side B that my view of music changed; I wanted to create music. I wanted to form a group in which genre wasn’t defined. To create music without limits with talented musicians with the same goals as I. Six Royal Vipers is just that; a channel of creativity that has no rules.

Paradox-Mont is the song I am proudest of. It marks the beginning of a new wave for 6RV but remaining true to its roots. 

There is more of us to show. Stay tune.

-Rolando Arevalo, vocals/guitar