We believe that what makes a good song is the ability to connect the lyrics to personal anecdotes. We recently released a new single “Paradox-Mont”, which you can listen to in our website and all music streaming platforms.

Paradox-Mont is a metaphor to contradiction. We contradict ourselves more than we can realize it. The need to be, or not to be, comfortable with our reflection is by far the greatest mystery to solve. Sometimes we like what we see, but we don’t feel what we see. Sometime we don’t like or feel at all who we are. We want to fit in so bad, but at the same time, we want to be unique and rebel against standards. Whatever the case may be, at the end our very nature seeks a single thing, happiness.

6RV do it all the time. We rebel against the idea of creating music with only one sound.  We want to be versatile but at the same time, remain original.

We invite you to listen to Paradox-Mont, perhaps is the song you are looking for.