Six Royal Vipers Presents ¨Kill The Remix¨Contest






Thank you for entering our ¨Kill the Remix¨ Contest. 

You are free to modify the song in any way shape or form. You can re-imagine, re-record, re-dub, re-mix, re-do and re-don’t.

When finished, you can participate by sending us a .WAV file with your final creation. Please do not use copyrighted material as the submission will be voided. If you do try and modify it as much as possible to make it unique. 

Files will be reviewed by Six Royal Vipers and we will pick 5 Remixes to take part in the ¨PARADOX_MONT_REMIXED_EP¨ (title under work). You have until July 1st @ 12:00 AM CTM to submit to the linked folder below with your information, add projects information and your collaborators to receive credits in the album. We will contact you via email if you win. Will announce winners LIVE! so stay tuned.

Thank you for your interest and good luck!  


Gracias por interesante en nuestro concurso ¨Kill the Remix¨

Eres libre de modificar la canción en cualquier forma o manera. Puedes agregar, quitar, regrabar, re-mezclar, re-hacer y desmadrar.

Cuando tu proyecto este terminado puedes participar en el concurso enviándonos un archivo .WAV con tu creación final. Por favor no utilices material con copyright o tu remix quedara automáticamente descalificado. Si decides utilizar material con derecho de autor por favor modificarlo lo mas posible hasta hacerlo único.

Los remixes que nos envies serán revisados por Six Royal Vipers y escogeremos los mejores 5 para formar parte de nuestro nuevo album ¨PARADOX_MONT_REMIX_EP¨. La fecha limite es el 1o de Julio de 2019 a las 12:00 AM Hora del Centro. Sube tu material terminado en el link debajo y agrega la información de los que colaboraron a tu proyecto. Te contactaremos via email si eres ganador. Anunciaremos a los ganadores en VIVO! Así que manténganse sintonizados.

Buena suerte!


Track info / Información de los tracks:

+ Tempo: 58 BPM 

+ Sample Rate: 44100 Hz 

+ Download .zip size: 765 MB

+ Extracted folder size: 1.6 GIG

+ Align all tracks at starting point on your DAW and start creating / Alinea todos los tracks desde el inicio de la linea de tiempo en tu programa de grabación y comienza a crear.


El Ritmo

Music is part of me as the skin I walk in. My life has been filled with music from all genres and influenced my perception towards it. In younger years, I looked for an outlet were I could express music.  Drums are my channel, the melody in which I can draw the path that expresses emotions and interprets feelings.

6RV is a group of individuals from different generations, backgrounds, music styles but share a common goal; live with intensity, play with no rules, and express individualism.

Each song has a special place, not one is the same and all mark a point in the life of the group with its own memories. 

-Ernesto Treviño, Drums


La Voz

One day, a few moons back, I recorded a song in a studio and learned pretty quick that singing wasn’t just sounding "good". It's a skill that needs time and dedication to be able to accomplish. I practiced, I research, I learned and well, here we are.

Back in the day, music for me was based on local folklore. Armed with a spiked guitar and some cumbias, I was able to play and learn music. It wasn’t until I was gifted a cassette with Nirvana on side A and Marilyn Manson on side B that my view of music changed; I wanted to create music. I wanted to form a group in which genre wasn’t defined. To create music without limits with talented musicians with the same goals as I. Six Royal Vipers is just that; a channel of creativity that has no rules.

Paradox-Mont is the song I am proudest of. It marks the beginning of a new wave for 6RV but remaining true to its roots. 

There is more of us to show. Stay tune.

-Rolando Arevalo, vocals/guitar 


El Guitarrista

Through the empowerment sound of drums is that I found the world of music. It was not until later as a young child that the thunder of the electric guitar immersed myslef in the power of rock.

Six Royal Vipers is the product of three individuals with common goals: create music for us and share it with the world.

Have to admit my favorite song is "Bleed for Change". I really enjoy the flow of it, intense changes in vocal melodies, and the energy it transmits.

We are a group that can give more than a good show and we try very hard to leave that clear in every event. We are very different from each other but we become an entity when playing; we become Six Royal Vipers.

-Alexx, Guitar



We believe that what makes a good song is the ability to connect the lyrics to personal anecdotes. We recently released a new single “Paradox-Mont”, which you can listen to in our website and all music streaming platforms.

Paradox-Mont is a metaphor to contradiction. We contradict ourselves more than we can realize it. The need to be, or not to be, comfortable with our reflection is by far the greatest mystery to solve. Sometimes we like what we see, but we don’t feel what we see. Sometime we don’t like or feel at all who we are. We want to fit in so bad, but at the same time, we want to be unique and rebel against standards. Whatever the case may be, at the end our very nature seeks a single thing, happiness.

6RV do it all the time. We rebel against the idea of creating music with only one sound.  We want to be versatile but at the same time, remain original.

We invite you to listen to Paradox-Mont, perhaps is the song you are looking for.




Hi there!

If you are reading this, thank you. We cannot stress enough how much we appreciate you reading this and hope to keep you entertained. Don’t want to get all corny and melancholic, so, with that out of the way, we can go down to business. In a short blog, we want to talk to you about us, Six Royal Vipers, who we are, what we do, and how we got here.

Like many, if not all, local bands we started with the desire to express ourselves as artist. We took essences of our musician idols and created something of our own and called it Six Royal Vipers. With time, things change, members came and go and came back and left again. At the end, we remain. What makes Six Royal Vipers what it is, remains. The songs, the essence, the story. What we do? We play Alternative Rock. We have hits of electronica, some pop, some Latin Rock, some metal etc. In other words, if you like rock we got something for you, and if you don’t you’ll like us either ways.  We’ve played in an all metal show, we’ve played in mix shows, we’ve played in a garage, roof, street, mom’s house, you name it. We are in constant search of venues that support local artist to give us a space to do what we love and share it with you.

It’s being a good year so far. We have a few gigs to play here and there. 2019 comes with scheduled plans and new releases. Hope you can join us along the way.

See you soon,




We are now on Spotify and Apple Music!

Espacio Vacio Gallery @ Matamoros México


We are so happy to have a little corner of the world wide web for us. You can go ahead and give us a follow. We will be curating playlist and announcing shows. New music will be up very soon. In the meantime enjoy what is currently on my playlist.



In the Studio

In the Studio

 + We have been experimenting with a new songwriting process in which each band member has to write and produce a song. We all pitch in on performance and add little ideas here and there, but ultimately the musical director will have the last word. We have maximized productivity this way so you should be hearing new songs from us very very soon. 

  + Estamos experimentando con una nueva forma de escribir nuestro material; el proceso consiste en que cada integrante tiene que escribir y producir una cancion completa. Todos aportamos con la ejecucion de los instrumentos y con pequeñas ideas, pero l desicion final la toma el director musical de esa canción. De esta manera estamos haciendo las cosas mucho mas rapido y pensamos muy pronto estaran escuchando nuestro nuevo material.